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The new 24V D.C. and 120V A.C. electromechanical operators are designed for a long, healthy life and ensure the utmost safety even with larger gates up to 10, 16 and 23-foot long leaves. The revolutionary double-threaded, worm screw drastically reduces wear on the axle box. Further, the impact force developed by the gate movement complies with current safety regulations.

State of the Art Technology

Besides the usual control and safety functions, Axo’s 24V D.C technology provide certain details that allow for total control of the operator and optimal operating conditions. For example:

Gain total control of the gate from the transmitter
Including the possibility of immediately stopping the movement of the gate leaves.
Program the gate to partially open
Ideal for all entrances that don’t have a specified pedestrian gate.
Activate a system with safety-devices test
Performed prior to each gate’s opening and closing cycle.

The Advantages of Axo

When total comfort, performance and safety are a must, Axo’s technology exceeds the highest standards by providing the following advantages:

No more blackouts
Axo’s 24V D.C. technology automatically detects any absence of power and immediately activates the emergency back-up batteries to ensure the gate will always be able to open and close (optional).
Frequent passages
The low-voltage gear motor guarantees operation even in extremely high-traffic areas, such as in apartment complexes and commercial settings.
Obstacle detection
A special electronic circuit continuously sweeps for any obstacles surrounding the gate leaves, and if needed, stops or inverts the direction of motion.

*Also available in larger model 5024




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