CAME Bx-243


The Bx-243 is the solution for automating medium sized sliding gates. Thanks to high levels of efficiency and safety it is suited for numerous applications, for both residential and apartment complex settings.

It features a 24V D.C. gear motor and provides a complete operator equipped with encoder-based movement control and the horizontally-positioned control board.

No more blackouts!
Bx-243’s 24V D.C electronics automatically detects any lack of power and activates the emergency mode that operates on back-up batteries (optional).
Easy, manual release.
Thanks to the practical release lever, protected by a locked door, even manual release during emergencies becomes a quick and simple procedure.
Signal LED
Built into the control board to provide easy diagnosis of all system functions.
Simplified installation
Thanks to its connection to a tri-polar cable and the horizontally-positioned circuit board.
Built-in end points
Protected within the gear motor assembly.





Force (N)

Working Temp °C (Min/Max)

Protection Level (IP)


  Came BX-243 Product Brochuer