A true representation of CAME’s design philosophy, creative innovation and required dependability. This compact product operates underground and provides complete reliability for gate leaves up to 11.5 feet without detracting from the entrance aesthetics.

A smooth operator that’s out-of-sight on many levels

Frog is a highly-efficient operator that defies the effects of time thanks to the materials used in the foundation case and gear motor. The fully-hidden operator makes this the most advanced fusion of CAME design and research for swing gates. A smooth, safe movement is guaranteed, even if operated repeatedly under harsh conditions. Furthermore, the extreme dependability and virtual invisibility make it perfect for most residential, mixed-use and commercial installations.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Frog’s 24V D.C. technology provides specific control and safety functions, which are standard even in the basic version. There are, however, other control boards available for cutting-edge performance features, in terms of service and safety. For example:

Active safety features testing
Activates before each gate operation, whether opening or closing.
Pedestrian or partial opening
Allows opening of one gate leaf or limited opening for pedestrian access.
Total control of the gate from the transmitter
Includes the possibility of immediately stopping movement of the gate leaves.

The Advantages of Frog

Frog is an extremely efficient, time-tested operator. The electromechanical system with encoder guarantees a smooth and safe operation, even after repeated use in high traffic settings. Durable and reliable, with no need for expensive servicing, Frog is now available with the special steel underground case (Frog-BN) with anti-corrosion treatment.

Frog is ETL Approved
When high degrees of reliability, performance and safety are required, the Frog technology delivers.
Controlled impact forces
Thanks to laboratory testing carried out on a gate sample, Frog is ETL approved, in terms of impact forces.
No more blackouts
The Frog 24V D.C. technology can immediately act in the event of a power outage by activating the emergency function through the auxiliary batteries, enabling the gate to open and close (optional).
Obstacle detection
A special electronic circuit constantly sweeps for any obstacles surrounding the gate leaves and if needed, stops or inverts the direction of motion.




Force (N)

Working Temp °C (Min/Max)


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