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Designed for a range of large openings up to 12 ft. The Gard4 barriers are the ideal solution to control roadways and parking areas for commercial and public use.

A new concept in barrier gates.

Recent innovations in the design and features of the Gard barrier gate series provide a new standard in safety: these are the most recent additions to the Gard barrier gate family. The soft contours and rounded corners create an aerodynamic shape that offsets the “sail effect” in windy areas well as creating a contemporary, aesthetic design that blends well in any setting.

State-of-the-Art Technology

The Gard4 series barriers are constructed with the latest in electronics innovation that guarantees total control of the automatic system, improving the overall safety and control functions, such as:

Autotest all the safety devices
An electronic “checklist” prior to activating the motor.
Autotest all the safety devices
An electronic “checklist” prior to activating the motor.
Anti-crushing function
Electronic control of the movement of the bar with obstacle detection.
Stationary safety function
All control commands will override if an obstacle is detected.

The Advantages of 24V D.C. Barriers

No more blackouts
The Gard4 24V D.C. electronics system automatically recognizes a power outage and activates the emergency back-up batteries (not included), to ensure the gate will always perform its function.
Keep speed in check
The 24V D.C. electronics enable the operating speed to be based on installation/location requirements.
Intensive traffic
The low 24V D.C.gear motor ensures reliable operation of the barrier during heavy/high traffic conditions.
Opening time
With the low-voltage consumption technology, the barrier opening time can be adjusted between 2-6 seconds.




Force (N)

Protection Level (IP)

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