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Extreme Heavy-duty Industrial Slide Gate Operator

For industrial locations such as manufacturing plants and truck depots.

The extremely powerful design supports gate lengths up to 90 ft. and gate weights up to 2,500 lbs. Fully enclosed NEMA 3R oil-tight, weatherproof, lockable cabinet and a high-starting continuous-duty torque motor with built-in overload protection ensure rugged and reliable performance. This model is ideal for the heaviest industrial installations and is UL325-compliant.

Extreme Heavy-duty Industrial Slide Gate Operator

Larger Control Box
Provides ease of access to major components and improved terminal strip labeling simplifes installation and saves time.
Integrated 3-Button Control Station
3-button control station incorporated into the outside of the control box to speed installation and troubleshooting.
Inherent Obstruction Sensing
This unit’s internal obstruction sensing system offers separate force adjustments for both the open and closed directions. If the gate strikes an obstruction, a closing gate will reverse to open and an opening gate will stop.
External Obstruction Sensing
Input connections are provided for external contact and non-contact sensors, such as photo-eyes and edge devices.
Advanced Dual Gate Operation
This convenient 2-wire system allows the operation of 2 separate gate operators in unison at a single entrance. This advanced system provides the added convenience of connecting accessories to either operator.
Sequenced Access Management
The sequenced access management (SAM) system provides the capability to sequentially control the operator in tandem with a barrier gate.
LED Indicators
Operator input, status and diagnostic LEDs simplify setup and troubleshooting.
Control Inputs
Control inputs allow the connection of a full range of optional external devices like loop detectors, access control systems and radio receivers.
Digital Logic Control
Supports long-distance control wiring runs of over 1,000 ft., providing you greater flexibility of gate operator site placement.
Warning Device
UL325-compliant entrapment warning alarm has the ability to be set for pre-operation warning. This will provide a 3-second warning prior to and during gate movement.
Loop Detector Inputs
A full range of inputs are available to support exit, shadow and interrupt loop detectors.
External Alarm Reset Button
This allows for quick reset of the gate operator when the alarm has been activated.
Timer To Close
Adjustable timer can be set from 1 to 180 seconds. The unit will automatically reset upon receiving any additional open commands.
Maximum Run Timer
Protects against damage to the gate and operator by limiting the unit’s run time to 120 seconds.
Mechanical Braking
The mechanical braking system adds substantial gate position control at all points in travel. This solenoid-actuated brake system also prevents the gate from being back-driven.
Limit Settings
All driven limit nut switches are fully adjustable, adding considerable convenience to unit installation and maintenance.
Surge & Spike Protection
Specially designed circuitry provides excellent protection from external spikes or surges.
Manual Disconnect
Ensures that manual operation is possible during emergencies and maintenance work.
NEMA 3R Enclosure
The SL595 is housed in an oil-tight, weatherproof NEMA 3R cabinet which is lockable to prevent vandalism.
Lockable Hinged Access Door
Weather-resistant, lockable, hinged design allows for easy access to the unit’s electronics for installation or servicing needs.


Weight 122.47 kg
Duty Cycle (Cycles/Hour)


115/208/230 VAC, Single Phase – 60Hz
208/230/460/575 VAC, Three Phase – 60Hz


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